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St Brigid's Heritage Conversion

This project saw the restoration and refurbishment of the ground floor of the former St Brigid’s School Building and the adjacent former St Brigid’s Parish Hall to become new office headquarters for Identitywa.

The approach to the refurbishment was to restore as much of the building as possible to its original state. By demolishing poorly constructed additions and extensions to the hall and replacing these with an external courtyard, a hidden elevation to the building was revealed after many years. 

The interior of the building presented a challenge due to the high cathedral ceilings and the multiple floor levels between the Former School, the Parish Hall Stage and Main Hall which were not conducive to a modern-day office environment. The brief included providing equitable access to the entire building - a key focus of the Identitywa business. By concealing building services under floors, within new freestanding elements and with careful planning, accessibility throughout the building is achieved whilst maintaining the original building fabric.

St Brigid's Heritage Conversion : Image 1
St Brigid's Heritage Conversion